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i have just buy Master Reseller Account with or and make Payment of Rs.6420/-

1. After Buying when i Upload Content it was too Slow to open any link that it take 15 to 20 minutes.

2. When i ask Refund they say we Refund only in 24hrs. when u buy u have just 8 or 9 hrs in a Day to work and for uploading files on server take time and and in no way check the status of server in 24hrs.

3. there was lot of issue while uploading files on server it stop and again restart from beging.

4. whenever ask for refund they said , we will improve the service dont worry server get load as we are adding New Harddisk to the server it was 2 days slow server.

5. in a week most of time website was not found or missing files

6. again restore and make change ur Cpanel is locked and some of website get not found on web domain ip address not pointing.

7. again again asking for refund they try to make delay so that they will not refund when ur service is more then 30 days u will not get a single penny.

8. Even u look all web hosting company provides 30 Days Moneyback Service and full refund if service is not good. But with this Company they only wan to take money and give u dead server whixh is almost down and slow . in beging they pick the phone but after sale dont even pick the phone or answer, just emails reply… was a *** in 15 Days with them to suffer mostly down and lot of compliant reports reply. and finally ther server was down for more then 25 Hrs and not even a single mail from the company about the issue.

10. When i raise a Complaint about refund they close my account and said we will not refund. But u have send a sorry reply with ur Bank and Documents signup so we will continue ur service which was already dead and no a penny worth.

Finally i just have lost my business and data and suffer a huge lose and just wan my money back as they was totaly fail to provide and good service from day 1

it was just 2 1/2 year old company Dont Trust. Dont buy. Its Cheap but with lot of Headque and pain and lose ur money and get the free trouble …..

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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Pune, Maharashtra, India #825068

Worst experience with this company... dont buy anything from them



very true they are fraud company i had same experience...

#804426 are fraud company they purchase dirty cheap server and then sell worst hosting with almost no support. they never refund money.


They are big fraud over net never go with them you loss your money my personal experience.

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